Customized Services

Each window, and each job is different.

Working within your budget and goals, together we will determine the scope of work on a case by case basis.   
You may be concerned about the exterior, or want to concentrate on getting the window to open and close smoothly.  
Maybe you want to change the interior paint to a new color ...
     ... or add weatherstripping to cut your energy bill
         .... or simply replace a broken pane
              ... or repair decayed wood on the outside and inside 
                  ... or live in a historic preservation district and want functional windows that conform to local standards
                       ... or put your finger in the eye of the snake-oil vinyl window sales ads, as you know their products only
                                 have a 15-20 year life cycle before they fall apart and need to be replaced.

Window Restoration Cape Cod has the expertise and craftsmanship to repair & restore wood or leaded windows
    ON TIME        WITHIN YOUR BUDGET       

  • Work performed on site, or at our Orleans workshop
  • Remove windows before work, and reinstall refinished windows once complete
  • Repair broken or weatherized wood (dutchman, wood epoxy, new components)
  • Replace old putty with new (Sarco putty, preferred choice of window restoration professionals)
  • Replace broken or cracked glass as needed (ask about how we harvest old glass)
  • Prime and paint exterior, refinish interior with varnish or paint
  • Replace sash cords with cotton or chain
  • Add weather-stripping to eliminate drafts and increase thermal efficiency
  • Repair leaded or stained glass
  • Repair or replace sash, jamb and/or sill
  • Replace hardware; find replacement weights 
  • Repair or build screens and storms
  • Build Custom Windows, screens, doors from scratch
  • and anything else dealing with old wood or leaded windows
All work is performed in accordance with the published Window Preservation Standards:


Common Window Problems

Rotten Wood
Weather Beaten/Dry
Cracked Glass
Chipped Paint


Window Preservation Alliance

Proud member of the Window Preservation Alliance, whose mission is to inspire the preservation of original windows by educating the public about the beauty, craftsmanship, and energy efficiency of original windows and supporting the people and businesses who restore them.